May 30, 2019



After 22 years, Wildman Gary Williams decides to hang up his boots and close the book on his Professional Wrestling career at the age of 46 as an in-ring performer. Wildman stated; "However, by being retired from the ring doesn't mean I'm retired from the Wrestling business." He has taken on many different roles including, helping out young talent backstage and many other wrestling related stuff that goes on behind the scenes. He was also recently appointed as the General Manager for UCW and has taken on the role of color commentator for UCW's TV and online broadcasts. Wildman is still taking bookings for special appearances with various wrestling promotions.

So, It's not "Goodbye" for the Wildman yet but it's definitely Goodbye to the bumps!



November 22, 2015 


Wildman made his return to the ring for the first time in two and a half years as a special guest referee for the main event of WrestleCentre's "Voltage" TV Taping that saw TNA's world champion the "It Factor" Bobby Roode vs. Titus. Even though Wildman was only the ref, he did not go without a few bumps along the way! Mid way through the match Titus missed Bobby Roode with a big boot to the face and connected Wildman instead, who was standing directly behind Roode. To make matters even worse, after the match was over, Brody Steele made a surprise entrance to the ring and leveled Wildman with a big clothesline. Needless to say, Wildman was not expecting to get beat up but that's the risk you take anytime you step into a wrestling ring. Was this the last straw for Wildman? Will he ever step foot in a ring again? Will he finally turn away from wrestling and retire for good? Only time will tell...