If you are interested in booking me "Wildman Gary Williams" for wrestling events, wrestling tours, wrestling training, seminars or workshops, Please contact me via email: wildmangw@hotmail.com



I've done many workshops all across Canada in many different schools throughout the Provinces, Territories and Indian Reserves.  Elementary and Jr. High schools are the most effective age group for this type of workshop.  Workshop discussions are: drug awareness, crime prevention, importance of education, healthy dieting, bullying and the dangers of wrestling without proper training (Backyard Wrestling).  There is also a video to watch about the topics.  It gives the kids a good insight on the hazards and dangers of everyday life.  At the end of the session I open up the floor for any questions or comments that the students might have about the discussed topics or wrestling in general.  Workshops also include a signed 8X10 wrestling photo of myself to all the students in attendance.



Wrestling seminars are normally held at wrestling schools, wrestling venues "prior to a wrestling show" or anywhere with access to a wrestling ring.  Seminars can be from 2 hours to a few days depending on the arrangements.  Seminars are offered to people with no wrestling training, people that are currently in training or fully trained wrestlers.  The seminars consist of a general discussion of the wrestling business and some "in ring" demonstrations.  Physical training "one on one" is also part of the seminar so long as the individual has some kind of "in ring" training. 



I have over 18 years of professional wrestling experience with over 1500 matches to date.  I have 10 years of teaching professional wrestling at my "Wildman Academy" wrestling school.  I have successfully trained over 30 students over the years and many of them are pursuing a career in professional wrestling today.